This site was created for all to discover the many businesses we support in Groton.  This is a wonderful community to live in and build your own business.  Many opportunities are available in this growing community.  It's a great place to live and work.  We hope you enjoy exploring Groton!

We also encourage all businesses to contact us about joining this site.  You may be listed in here with your name and phone number for free so please take advantage and email us your information.  Should your information change or be displayed incorrectly, please let us know the correct information. 

This site gives small businesses the chance to create a one page ad and have their information on the internet for a minimal fee.  Or, if you already have a website, a link may be created to your site for a minimal advertising expense.  So, please join and help us make the site complete.

Website was created by Kay's Computing and the advertising and hosting costs are with the Groton Daily Independent.  Thank you and enjoy our new site.  Please let us know of any corrections or additions.

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